Pressure Cooker Turkey Stock

Used the Thanksgiving turkey carcass for this recipe. It worked great! The cooking process really is very easy with the pressure cooker. It’s the rest of the job that takes some time, which it would no matter what the method. A few things to note:

1. Apparently I could have done this with half the carcass and frozen the other half.

2. The most annoying part is freezing the broth in cubes, since I only have 2 ice cube trays and I use them so very rarely that it seems like a waste to get more. It took 4 batches to freeze it all, but it will last for awhile.

3. To strain the broth, I placed my small metal strainer on top of a large metal bowl and placed it in the sink. I then carefully poured the contents of the pressure cooker through the strainer. Careful, the bowl gets hot!