Spanish Potato Salad with Chickpeas

So good! Also very easy to make. I kept the skins on the potatoes for nutrition and served with white rice. The dressing is so delicious.

Substitutions I made given what I had on hand:
I used small-ish potatoes from Aldi instead of fingerling potatoes.
Red wine vinegar instead of sherry
Dried thyme instead of oregano
1/4 tsp Aleppo pepper
Cherry tomatoes instead of larger ones
White onion instead of red

Things I’d do next time:
Toast the spices! It wouldn’t take much longer and I think it would made this even more delicious.
I’d use two small or one large container of cherry tomatoes.
Also you do need the tried thyme/oregano, it definitely adds something. I tried it without and it was missing something.

Use more of the dressing than you think. Also I added spinach and didn’t like it all that much.


3 Ingredient Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Delicious and so fast! And you can throw in whatever veggies you have lying around. I used up some green pepper and cauliflower I had, plus added some frozen peas.
1. Double the recipe. It only makes 2 servings.
2. If using, heat up and add frozen peas at the end. If you add them frozen to the mac and cheese, they get overcooked and turn a gross green color. For leftovers, just add the frozen peas directly to the tupperware containers.

Pressure Cooker Risotto

This was easy and delicious! It does some out a little thicker than I’d like, and if you add more water the rice just seems to absorb it a get bigger. But still very good.

I added frozen peas and cooked shrimp at the end. Don’t forget to defrost the shrimp! And any wine will do. I used some red I had lying around that needed to be used up and it turned out great.

Pressure Cooker Baba Ganoush

My broiler is kind of non functional, so I was excited to try this as my first pressure cooker recipe. Admittedly, you don’t get the smoky flavor of true baba ganoush, even though you at least sear the eggplant in the pressure cooker before cooking it fully. However, the time savings pretty much make that worth it. 3 minutes at high pressure (plus 4-5 mins to reach pressure) is pretty amazing.

Also, my pressure cooker easily fit two large eggplants.

Next time, don’t forget the lemon juice. And add a ton more fresh garlic at the end. Other than

Pressure Cooker Eggplant and Olive Spread

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Minestrone

So delicious and fast! I used ground turkey and DOUBLED the recipe, and I’m glad I did! It made around 4 meal sized servings. I would add in more pasta next time, maybe double the original portion (i.e. 1 cup dry for a double recipe). I also added nearly an entire bag of chopped baby spinach, which worked out great.

Also, there was no need to add additional oil to the pan after browning the turkey.

UPDATE: USed TJ’s 10 minute farro, I think one package is probably good. I used two and it was a bit much. And don’t forget the lemon at the store!

Simple Salmon Chirashi

So easy and delicious! The only thing is there are a lot of add-ins to keep track of. Cucumber, sesame seeds, green onion, soy/sesame oil sauce, seaweed and avocado. I added in some spinach too for extra veggies. I also pan fried the salmon according to this recipe:

The only thing I would change is for the sauce, I’d deglaze the skillet I used for the salmon with soy sauce, then pour into a dish with some oil.