Pizza Beans

This is a delicious casserole dish. It does take a little longer than you’d think, because you have to saute the veggies for 10 min, then add some stuff, then simmer for another 10 mins, then put the whole thing in the oven for 15. In addition to chopping, grating cheese, etc.

1. Added two boxfulls of organic spinach from Aldi and some leftover chopped yellow potatoes that could have been added to the veggie saute no problem.

2. You could also use two cans of beans instead of the 1lb the recipe calls for (I used white beans rather than the larger ones in the recipe).

3. I used the large stainless steel saute pan for the whole thing, stovetop to oven.

4. Next time just buy pre-grated mozzarella. It’s just going to melt on top and it’s so much easier.

5. The only issue with portioning out leftovers is you have to be careful not to get all of the cheese in 1-2 tupperware containers since it tends to stick together.

pizza beans (cookbook preview!)


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