Baked Cauliflower and Farro

Wow, this was incredibly delicious! It’s also very easy to make, though it took me about an hour start to finish. It’s easy to prep as you go, chopping the cauliflower while the (quick cooking) farro is cooking, grating the cheese while the cauliflower is sauteing, etc. Also, I made it all in the large stainless steel skillet. A few more notes:

1. I added some chopped spinach and white beans.
2. Cut back on the salt. I added some to the cauliflower while it was sauteing, and some of the caper juice ended up in the dish, so maybe avoid doing that next time but keep the same amount of salt the recipe calls for.
3. There is such a thing as too much sage. The second time I made this I really put in too much. Measure those two tablespoons!
4. It’s almost better reheated–it was a little dry straight out of the oven. Could consider adding in some cream or maybe just more ricotta swirled into the casserole mixture itself rather than dolloped in the middle.

crusty baked cauliflower and farro