Stir Fried Spinach

Yum! And very easy. A great way to use up spinach that is starting to wilt. I used a bag of baby spinach from Trader Joe’s, and it cooked down to a medium sized serving for one. Also, I’m pretty sure I had the right amount of spinach, and it turned out way too salty! Cut it down at least in half.


Simple Salmon Chirashi

So easy and delicious! The only thing is there are a lot of add-ins to keep track of. Cucumber, sesame seeds, green onion, soy/sesame oil sauce, seaweed and avocado. I added in some spinach too for extra veggies. I also pan fried the salmon according to this recipe:

The only thing I would change is for the sauce, I’d deglaze the skillet I used for the salmon with soy sauce, then pour into a dish with some oil.