Cream Biscuits

Delicious and so fast! Had these with some spiral ham and roasted green beans, so so good. The only thing I’d change is the salt/sugar proportions. They weren’t quite salty enough for my taste. Try 1tsp each of salt and sugar next time.


Thai Turkey Salad

A version of larb, which I love. And this is super easy, easy enough for a weeknight for sure.

The only thing I didn’t like was that proportions in the sauce were off for me, way too sweet. Not enough acid, it really needed some vinegar. Next time, use the flavored fish sauce recipe from Serious Eats instead. But reduced sugar to 1/4 cup.

Broccoli Pesto

This is super easy with frozen broccoli defrosted in the microwave, definitely doing on a weeknight. Next time more herbs and a lot more cheese. Made it with white beans and polenta and it was very filling and delicious.

UPDATE: Ended up combining the best of the two recipes.
Makes 5-6 servings.
Start polenta. Boil 3 cups of water (you’ll add 3/4 c + 2tbsp corn grits, then whisk).
Defrost broccoli.
Chop 1 onion and 3 garlic cloves.
Saute onion and garlic for a few mins, then add broccoli for a few more.
Transfer to a bowl with some water and a glug of olive oil.
Add in entire bag of basil leaves from Trader Joe’s (they were a little wilted by the time I used them, so if they’re fresh maybe a bit less).
Add in 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese.
Blend with immersion blender.

Serve over polenta and white beans!

Turkey Bolognese

Wow, this was divine. So easy and so very cheap with ground turkey at less than $2.00 per pound. Would definitely make again!

Update: You can totally make this with 2.5 week old red wine. Just give it the sniff test to make sure it hasn’t turned (you’ll know). I had a dinner party on two weekends after Thanksgiving and used wine leftover from Thanksgiving dinner and it smelled fine. I did have a brief moment of panic when the sauce smelled like alcohol for longer than I thought it should, but it all turned out fine. Also, make sure to add enough vinegar at the end, especially if you end up simmering it for a long time, or hat it up after making it ahead of time. It could have used a little more depth.