Sweet Potato Sage Tacos

Damn, these were incredibly delicious. Best tacos I’ve had since I moved away from San Diego! I’d say VERY VERY close to SD quality! This also comes together relatively fast, esepcially if you’ve already made the tortillas or are using sotre bought (but the homemade ones were incredible, like I was back in San Diego again!).

A few pro tips:

1. Shred the sweet potato, and add black beans near the end of the cooking phase.
2. Made homemade tortillas for the first time (see separate post), and they were sooo gooood with this recipe.
3. Topped with enchilada sauce (see separate post).
4. Skipped the fried egg, but I’m sure that would be good as well.
5. Radishes, I don’t really get them. Very little flavor. Skip.


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