Homemade Hot Chocolate

Had another blizzard craving:) This is more of a wing it and taste as you go situation. I’ve made homemade cocoa before, but this one really hit the spot. I think it was the salt and almond extract that really made it happen.

I filled my big mug with 2% milk, dumped it in a little saucepan, let it warm up a bit. Added cocoa powder by the rounded tablespoon, sugar by the teaspoon. Pinch or two of salt, tiny bit of almond extract, delicious. Topped with mini marshmallows. I like my cocoa on the slightly less sweet side, especially if I’m topping with marshmallows. This was right on point.

It was satisfying and I didn’t crave any more sweet after, which is surprising since I tend to want to binge eat marshmallows after my first helping (throwover from childhood sneaking marshmallows before Mom got home).

It was ever so slightly thin. Next time I might try a splash of cream or half and half. Will make again!


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