Homemade Hot Chocolate

Had another blizzard craving:) This is more of a wing it and taste as you go situation. I’ve made homemade cocoa before, but this one really hit the spot. I think it was the salt and almond extract that really made it happen.

I filled my big mug with 2% milk, dumped it in a little saucepan, let it warm up a bit. Added cocoa powder by the rounded tablespoon, sugar by the teaspoon. Pinch or two of salt, tiny bit of almond extract, delicious. Topped with mini marshmallows. I like my cocoa on the slightly less sweet side, especially if I’m topping with marshmallows. This was right on point.

It was satisfying and I didn’t crave any more sweet after, which is surprising since I tend to want to binge eat marshmallows after my first helping (throwover from childhood sneaking marshmallows before Mom got home).

It was ever so slightly thin. Next time I might try a splash of cream or half and half. Will make again!


Peanut Butter Cookies

I had a craving for these during the blizzard, and this recipe delivered.

I followed the commenters’ suggestions and used butter instead of shortening and used 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup white sugar. I also added a little more salt because sweet and salty is my shit. They by no means turned out salty, but I like the little extra kick that a pinch more salt gives.

This recipe makes around 20 small/medium cookies. Check after 6 minutes, ended up baking for 8 overall. Also freezed these and baked some more later to great success.


Homemade Corn Tortillas

Wow, if I knew how easy these were I would have made them a long time ago. It is a *bit* labor intensive, but not nearly as much as I thought.

This made around 20 street taco sized tortillas. I used a clear pyrex pie plate and two sheets of parchment to flatten the dough balls, and rolled out a bit more with a rolling pin to make them a little wider.

Careful cooking in the cast iron, I think I need to reseason that thing because I ended up with a bnch of blackened bits of tortilla that don’t seem to want to come off. Maybe stick to the stainless steel next time, or even nonstick.


Sweet Potato Sage Tacos

Damn, these were incredibly delicious. Best tacos I’ve had since I moved away from San Diego! I’d say VERY VERY close to SD quality! This also comes together relatively fast, esepcially if you’ve already made the tortillas or are using sotre bought (but the homemade ones were incredible, like I was back in San Diego again!).

A few pro tips:

1. Shred the sweet potato, and add black beans near the end of the cooking phase.
2. Made homemade tortillas for the first time (see separate post), and they were sooo gooood with this recipe.
3. Topped with enchilada sauce (see separate post).
4. Skipped the fried egg, but I’m sure that would be good as well.
5. Radishes, I don’t really get them. Very little flavor. Skip.


Easy Chickpea Curry

Wow, I’m amazed at how simple and fast this is for how delicious it turns out. I’ve tried many a curry recipe, and most of them are much more complicated and don’t turn out nearly as good. The only thing different that I did was I substituted some frozen green peas for one of the cans of chickpeas to make this a more well-rounded dish. It turned out fabulous and I’d even add a few more green peas next time.


Pioneer Woman’s Chili

This was so good! And so very easy, so long as you’ve got an hour to let it simmer. The only few things I’d change for my personal tastes:

1. Break up the ground beef more so it’s in much smaller chunks.
2. Aldi has ground beef in 2.3lb or or packages. Halve this amount, then use the other half for something else!
3. More tomato sauce, but try to make a big batch of you own at some point and freeze it. The canned stuff has a bunch of sugar in it.
Edit: Yes, but you do need sauce, not just canned tomatoes, for the thickness. Try TJ’s sauce, maybe it has less sugar.
4. Add one more can of beans.