Mexican Wedding Cookies

My dad loves these, and I made them for him for Christmas.

Update 12/17: Try Laura’s recipe from the cookie party (see email). She made her dough balls pretty small, and they stayed small and round (no spreading out), and she didn’t chill the dough. She also rolled the cookies in powdered sugar before baking them, then also after baking them.

WARNING: They always take longer than you think! Because there are actually six steps–make the dough, chill the dough, form into cookies, bake, cool down a bit, then roll in powdered sugar. If you don’t have an entire afternoon/evening to make these, then spread it out over a couple of days. You can shorten the 3 hours to chill the dough, if you freeze it, put it in the fridge, then let it thaw a bit on the counter.

Update: Toasting the nuts ahead of time didn’t make much of a difference. The oven does that job pretty well haha.
1. Replace water AND vanilla extract with bourbon and add a little cinnamon to the dough.
2. Keep the powdered sugar plain with no spices. These turned out better than last time. I can’t taste the bourbon outright, but there is some depth of flavor that wasn’t there before. Yum!
3. Make them smaller–1 tbsp each n size. They seem to spread out a lot so this will make them end up smaller overall.
4. When you roll them in sugar while they are still a little warm (per the comments), handle with care. They are still a little soft. But they will cool down.


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