Pumpkin Pie

This was a really tasty recipe from Serious Eats. The only thing I did differently was increase the spice (per the comments) and pre-roast the pumpkin with the sugar and spices.

It came out creamy, flavorful, not too sweet but not too squashy.

And the crust was easy too, see separate post!

Pro Tip: I made two pies this year, one in my pyrex pie dish and the other in a cheap store bought aluminum pie plate. The store bought plate is much smaller, so the pie took less time, and I put too much crust in the pan so it was too thick. Next time make sure the crust is thin enough in the smaller pan and pre bakes enough before adding the filling.

Pro Tip: Just buy the Trader Joe’s frozen crust. And don’t bother roasting the pumpkin ahead of time, it still tasted good when I cut these corners:) But be sure to bake the pre-bake crusts enough, they were a little soft on the bottom. And you really do need to cook these before Thanksgiving Day, there is not enough time otherwise.



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