Pie Crust

This was a lot easier than I thought, and extremely tasty. No food processor or pastry blender necessary. The link below has great pictures for how the dough is supposed to look and how to mix it with your plain old fingers.

It also froze beautifully. Next time I’d definitely double it!

For rolling: Roll it out between two sheets of parchment. Roll it larger than you think, because it’s not going to be flat in the pie dish, so make the edges come out a least a few inches past the edge of the dish when you’re measuring the dough by placing the dish upside down on the rolled out dough.

Also, once the crust is in the pie shell, fold down the top to make it extra thick to prevent burning in the oven. If you’re parbaking it first, place some parchment inside and some rice to weigh it down. Or another pie pan.

Note: This recipe is not an exact science. The second time I made it, I ended up having to add at least twice as much water to the dough as the recipe called for. The goal is the correct consistency, where the dough is sticky enough to form into a ball. Don’t be afraid to add as much water as you need to get the right consistency.



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