Enchiladas Verdes

This was super time consuming, and while it was pretty good, it just wasn’t good enough for me to want to make it again. The sauce just took forever, and once that was done, it was prepping the fillings and putting together each enchilada. Instead, I want to try this easier, probably less authentic recipe enchiladas rojas recipe that looks like it’s just as tasty. Which is my bottom line.

Also, I used cheese, pureed white beans and shredded zucchini on the inside, would do again for the other recipe.

I also freezed a whole other batch of these, stayed tuned on how that turned out.

UPDATE: The red sauce (gimmesomeoven link below) was amazing, I made it with smoked paprika instead of chili powder and added some red pepper flakes. Wow. I think even next time a bit of cocoa powder might send these over the top. I filled them with leftover turkey that I sauted with some onion and leftover squash and a little bit of broth so it wouldn’t dry out. Wow. Delicious.

UPDATE: Above sauce recipe is good with just chili powder too, though when I made it a second time it turned out a bit thin. Add more flour next time.

UPDATE: Make sure you have nearly a full block of Aldi cheese for these. And scatter any leftover filling on top with the shredded cheese!




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