Tostadas with Smoky Sweet Corn Hummus

Wow! This hummus was incredibly delicious and super fast. Instead of chipotle powder (which I could not find at my local latin supermarket), I just used a bit of the sauce from canned chipotles…just a little bit, maybe a half teaspoon or so. It was the perfect amount of spice for me! I also used white beans instead of garbanzos because they were cheaper. And my immersion blender worked beautifully for making the hummus.

The only thing is I couldn’t taste the corn, and I even added more than the recipe called for. So the good news is you can totally make this hummus any time of year because the sweet corn taste didn’t really come through, so the recipe would be delicious without. I paired it with black bean pineapple salsa and it was incredible.

Update 11/22/15: Made this with peas instead of corn. Yum! I use quite a few peas too, you can just play around with it until you get the proportions right. I ended up adding a little more olive oil and tahini.

Also, if it tastes a little bland after adding the chipotles and salt, add more salt first. Mine turned out just on the edge of too spicy for me.


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