Chicken Tikka Masala

This was delicious! A bit time consuming (approx 1.5 hours), but maybe if you got the recipe down it wouldn’t take as long.

1. Broiled Chicken Thighs

So good! I’ll definitely do this again for other recipes. I left them in there an additional 2-2 minute intervals (4 extra minutes total), and still the internal temp wasn’t 165 (the highest I saw was around 155). But after that long I cut them up and they were definitely cooked.

Also I was able to marinate these for about 4 hours, which I’m sure made them very tasty. Not sure how it would come out with a shorter marinade time, which is probably more realistic if I make this again. Could try getting them ready when I get home, then do something for an hour (maybe chop some of the vegetables).

Also: preheat the broiler for about 5 minutes. I need these things spelled out for me haha.

2. Tomatoes

I accidentally bought 14oz of tomatoes instead of 28oz. Everything turned out fine, I just added a bit more tomato paste and some broth to compensate.

3. Adding Veggies

I threw in a leftover 1/2 yellow squash, which I shredded, and some frozen peas to add some veggies to the dish. Delicious!

4. Salt salt salt!

I salted this pretty well at the end. Otherwise it would have been a bit bland. The salt brought out all of the flavors and really pulled everything together.


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