Charred Cauliflower Quesadillas

Wow, these turned out so tasty! Smoky and delicious, and the lime crema really brings these over the top. A few notes.

1. Couldn’t find fresh poblano peppers to char, so I bought canned chipotle peppers instead. I am an absolute spicy wimp, so I only added one small pepper, removing as many seeds as I could. But, I added smoked paprika to bring out more smoky flavor without adding more heat. It turned out great.

2. I charred the cauliflower a bit more than the recipe called for. I really like that flavor, so I let the florets brown quite a bit in my cast iron skillet (without making them soggy).

3. I added too much oil to the pan when I was frying up the quesadillas, and my tortillas were a little sad because they came from the freezer and were a bit warped. So fresher tortillas, less oil.

4. To finish up the last of the leftovers, I just put the filling over couscous and topped with the crema. It was still delicious.I think this would work with a lot of grains: rice, quinoa, even polenta.

5. Make the crema, and I just used full fat plain yogurt, Turned out great.


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