Thai Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Had a great cooking week, because these were absolutely delicious too!

Roasting the sweet potatoes took about an hour, but the sauce comes together quickly. It really does thicken quite nicely as you simmer it stovetop. Again, spicy wimp, so added about only 2/3 of the red curry paste than was called for. Also used regular, not light, coconut milk. Other than that, followed everything and these turned out so good!


Charred Cauliflower Quesadillas

Wow, these turned out so tasty! Smoky and delicious, and the lime crema really brings these over the top. A few notes.

1. Couldn’t find fresh poblano peppers to char, so I bought canned chipotle peppers instead. I am an absolute spicy wimp, so I only added one small pepper, removing as many seeds as I could. But, I added smoked paprika to bring out more smoky flavor without adding more heat. It turned out great.

2. I charred the cauliflower a bit more than the recipe called for. I really like that flavor, so I let the florets brown quite a bit in my cast iron skillet (without making them soggy).

3. I added too much oil to the pan when I was frying up the quesadillas, and my tortillas were a little sad because they came from the freezer and were a bit warped. So fresher tortillas, less oil.

4. To finish up the last of the leftovers, I just put the filling over couscous and topped with the crema. It was still delicious.I think this would work with a lot of grains: rice, quinoa, even polenta.

5. Make the crema, and I just used full fat plain yogurt, Turned out great.