Spring Rolls

Wow, will definitely do this again! A great way to use up scrap veggies. I had some leftover cabbage, cucumber and carrot, then red bell peppers were on sale this week. Also, fresh herbs are key. I was worried since I could only find cilantro and parsley at the store, but they were still really delicious, I didn’t notice the missing Thai basil or mint (though I’m sure those would would take these over the top).

Just julienne the veggies (the hardest part of this process), then use to fill rice papers. Making the actual rolls is like making a burrito, so if you go slowly and make sure to tightly tuck in the side you’re rolling as you go, it’s pretty easy. Add a fried egg on the side, you’ve got dinner.

I used up some leftover tahini dressing as a dipping sauce, but it wouldn’t be hard to whip up a quick peanut sauce. Also, I bet this sauce from serious eats for tofu would go great with spring rolls as well.



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