No Knead Bread

Finally, I tried this recipe! And I’m so glad I did (I used the version in The Kitchen Counter Cooking School). So easy and delicious! I think this could become a habit if I made the dough on a weeknight, then baked on the weekend.

1. You need almost two full packets of yeast! 1.5 tbsp = 1 tbsp + 1.5 teaspoons.

2. Substitute up to two cups of whole wheat flour.

3. One small bag of flour = 32 oz = 6.5 cups. No measuring necessary, just dump the whole bag in! But make sure you have some additional flour to use to dust your hands and the cutting board with when forming the loaf.

4. Put a lot of cornmeal on your cutting board! Your loaf stuck a got misshapen.

5. For the “hot water” in the metal pan, heat it up in the microwave because it takes the sink forever and it probably doesn’t get hot enough.

6. The dough freezes well. I already made a loaf from frozen dough. Just let it thaw to room temp, then start the second rise.

7. Try some rosemary or other hearty herbs in the warm water at the beginning (see first few paragraphs of recipe).

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