Pickled Cabbage Slaw

Yum! I absolutely love this, and it’s a beautiful looking salad as well. Really nice and fresh tasting in the winter too. It’s definitely better the next day, the vinegar taste is a bit more mellow. Also I must have had a pretty large cabbage, because half of it seemed like enough. Next time actually weigh it at the store 🙂 It’s a lot of chopping, which would probably be a lot easier with a food processor, but well worth it!



Carrot Tahini Salad

This was good, but way too much onion. I’d barely put any in there next time, and I love onion. I also didn’t get the chickpeas quite right. Even though I baked them for 30 minutes,  they didn’t turn out crispy and I know they can. Maybe longer next time? Also more raisins would be good.

This is a bit of work too without a food processor, shredding all of the carrots. Might not make again.


Roasted Cauliflower with Olives, Currants and Tahini

Wow, this was delicious! I will definitely make it again. Could be an appetizer, side or main dish. I kept thinking what other veggies this would be good with, and I came up with nothing. I think potatoes would be too heavy, carrots too sweet. I’ll keep thinking.

A few notes:

1. More cauliflower! I didn’t pay too much attention to whether the cauliflower I bought was 3 lbs per the recipe, but it seemed fairly normal sized. But there was not enough cauliflower. I’d do two heads next time.

2. Roasting time. I like my vegetables really caramelized, so I roasted the cauliflower for 40 minutes instead of 20 and the flavor was excellent.

3. Had no currants. Substituted with dried cranberries. Yum.

4. Make it a meal. Any grain could make this a meal. I used couscous, but other grains would worked well too (quinoa, wild rice might be good options).

5. How to cut cauliflower. Quarter it, then cut off the inner stalk that connect all the florets together. I might cut them a little smaller next time, halve or quarter the larger individual florets.


Orzo with Carmelized Vegetables

This was good, but it took quite awhile. But with practice, I think it has potential to be a good template for a variety of related recipes: Root Veggie + onions + mushrooms + grain + wilted green.

1. The orzo got a little mushy, even though I cooked it al dente. Maybe a heartier grain, like farro, would be better.

2. More deglazing sauce! My pan got pretty crusty, and there was not enough sauce to soak up all of that deliciousness! I’d also think about adding some rice vinegar or a lighter red wine to the mix.


Polenta Bowl with Spinach, Chicken and Poached Egg

This was great! I think it could serve as a good template for other similar recipes. Grain & cheese + sausage/green/garlic saute + poached egg. I’d definitely adjust the ratios of polenta to greens though. Next time, double the greens, and maybe cut the polenta down by a third or so.