Crispy Fried Egg

Wow, this was so delicious. Next time just let the white cook for a tad longer by spooning oil onto it for another 30-60 seconds. Very oily, but so good!


Broiled Salmon with Compound Butter

First time cooking salmon, first time opening that fiery broiler drawer. It turned out pretty good. I think I might have added too much oil to the cast iron skillet, and I was scared it would spray everywhere in the broiler so I had to pour some of it in the sink.

Also I needed to leave it in the broiler for the full 3 minutes, I took it out and the thermometer said it was warm enough, but the fillets were definitely not cooked enough. I wonder if that was operator error, maybe I didn’t put it in the thickest part? Wanted to err on the side of underdone, so at least I could put them back in if needed, but next time I’ll leave them in for a tad longer.

Anyways, would definitely make again. It was very fast. And making compound butter is fun and seems fancy! I made one with some leftover parsley, lemon zest and a bit of salt and it was delicious!

Penne with Pumpkin Cream Sauce

This turned out pretty well, but I was missing one ingredient and I think I’d change another to really make it extra delicious. I forgot to buy half and half, so I had to substitute full fat yogurt. I love sage, so I think next time I’ll try this recipe with sage instead of rosemary (but the rosemary was delicious nonetheless.

This recipe is also very easy, one pot, comes together very quickly!


Roasted Carrots with Cumin and Chickpeas

Yum, this was delicious! Very hands off too, except for a bit of chopping. Followed the recipe exactly (including toasting and grinding the cumin, which didn’t take too long),  hands down would make again.