Marinara Sauce

UPDATE: We got it! Used a combo of Twelve Recipes canned tomatoes sauce recipe and some great tips from The Kitchn. I added a parmesan rind, some capers, some wine (Chardonnay actually worked out great) and a little bit of butter. Next time, I’m trying anchovies!

I can’t seem to get this right! I did put too much sage in it this time, but next time I make tomato sauce I need to follow the tips from The Kitchn (wine, parmesan cheese rind, etc).


Southwestern Spiced Tenderloin

Yum and so easy! My oven was running a bit hot, so this got a little overcooked, but even overcooked it was pretty delicious. Cook it right and it should turn out awesome. Deli meat and pork for days. I could also try just cooking one, since two was a bit much.