Pasta with Spinach and Italian Sausage

Yum! Loved this recipe, so quick and easy. Next time:

1. I used orechiette pasta, and it stuck together a lot.  liked the shape, so I want to give it another try. I Googled it, and a trick is to put the pasta in the water while it’s still cold, stirring it as the water heats up to a boil.

2. More spinach, less pasta. And I always forget how much greens cook down. You can add a TON (as in a full bunch of spinach from the store) and it cooks down to such a small amount.

3. Chop the spinach. I forgot to chop the spinach, so it was a little harder to eat that way.

4. Less oil. It came out just a little oily.

5. I added some fresh lemon juice to the end. Also, to cut down cooking time, cooked the pasta in a smaller pot while preparing the other ingredients, then combined them in a big pot to finish.

NOTE: If using a nonstick big pot, make sure to crumble the sausage before adding to the pot to avoid damaging the nonstick surface. Also, the sausage I bought from Aldi wasn’t spicy enough (amazingly), so I would try their spicy kind next time.


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