Wow, this was amazing. I loved it, and I took it to a party and everyone really was raving about it. It really couldn’t be easier. If you’ve made pancake batter before, you can make this. As one of my friends pointed out, it turned out more like a clafouti than cobbler since the fruit to cake ratio was fairly low and the fruit was placed on top of the batter (rather than dumping a bunch of fruit in the bottom of the pan then pouring the batter on top).

I think it could have more fruit in it, so maybe next time I’ll try it with more fruit, and putting it on the bottom of the pan. Though the fruit on the top of the batter turned out really beautiful…Also, I used whatever summer fruit was lying around (nectarines, strawberries, and a few frozen black and blueberries for color). This would work with many fruits. And with frozen fruit too, so it could be a year round treat. Yum!

Also, I made this ahead in the early afternoon, and just popped it in the microwave at my friends’ place for a couple of minutes. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was a perfect dessert to bring to a dinner party.

It also turned out a little sweet (especially with the ice cream). No need for the extra sugar on top, and I might cut the sugar a little more next time (I didn’t put in the full cup), and possible the butter as well so the butter isn’t so overwhelming with the reduced sugar. And I did my watered down plain full fat yogurt sub for the milk, worked perfectly as usual.

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