Skillet Cornbread

Yum! This was so good. I did my usual watered down yogurt milk substitute and it worked perfectly. I didn’t know we had cornmeal on hand, so I substituted by adding fewer corn grits and increased flour. It did turn out slightly too crunchy with the grits, but I think adding a tablespoon or two in place of some cornmeal would be delicious. We had some Crisco of unknown origin that needed to be used up (recipe call for Crisco), so I followed the recipe and used Crisco but I’m sure this would be delicious with butter too.

I think this would be great to bring to a dinner at someone’s house, too (skillet and all would be a nice touch).

Update: The second time I made it, I overcooked this guy at 20 minutes (the baking time min). Keep a close watch! Also, putting it on the table in the skillet seemed like a good idea, but duh the skillet is hot, so not the most practical idea.,



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