Pan Fried Catfish

While I was home I had the most delicious, perfectly crispy (but not too greasy), creamy pan fried catfish. I wanted to try it out for myself.

It came out okay, but tasted a little “muddy”, which I discovered isn’t uncommon for catfish. I covered it up by squeezing some lemon on the fish before eating, but I found some other potentially better solutions. I’m going to cut the remaining filet I have in half tonight and try two different methods:

1. Salt water soak.

2. Buttermilk soak (I bought the real stuff).

I’ll soak them for a couple of hours each.

I’m also going to try a combo of these two coatings:

A few other advisories:

1. Don’t use the white frying pan. I think things may have come out weirdly because of this. Use the cast iron skillet.

2. Use cornmeal (not the corn grits you usually have on hand…).

UPDATE: Use the saltwater! HUGE difference! I soaked it for 1.5 hours, but I bet a half hour would do.

Had trouble keeping the batter on the fish this time. Maybe try egg or something next time?



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