Linguini with Tomato Almond Pesto

I kind of botched this recipe a bit, but I think if I do it right next time it will turn out really well. Notes:

1. The main problem was I used a Vitamix instead of a food processor, so the sauce basically turned into a creamy, almond-milk tomato sauce instead of a crunchy. Next time, coarsely chop almonds in the Vitamix first, then take them out, blend ALL of the rest of the ingredients, then just mix in the chopped almonds at the VERY end (the recipe calls for you to put them in after the basil but before the tomatoes, but for me it should be at the very end).

2. I used parsley instead of basil (it was on hand). I think this was why it turned out a bit bland, I woke it up with a little bit of vinegar, but it was still a little underseasoned tasting.

3. Linguini! I don’t think I’ve really cooked with it before, but yum, al dente linguini is so delicious.


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