Chinese Chicken Salad

This salad recipe was really delicious. I was trying to replicate the Chinese Chicken Salad from Tender Greens, which I had a few weeks ago and was so so good. Funny part was the chicken was the worst element of the salad, completely flavorless. I’m sure it would have been fine had it been seasoned somehow, but that seemed like too much work for me.

Anyways, this recipe basically nails it. It’s so colorful and delicious. Definitely don’t leave out the carrot or cucumber. I used field greens instead of cabbage. I omitted the mandarin oranges and used roasted peanuts instead of almonds. Oh, and no chicken. Right.

For the dressing, it seemed like there was a lot of oil (usually the ratio is 3:1 oil:acid), so I cut back on the canola oil (but added in the full amount of sesame oil). Also substituted for the rice wine vinegar half balsamic half cooking sherry. It turned out perfect. Would definitely make again.



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