I’ve been perfecting my pizza recipe and method:

1. Brush/spray outer part of crust with oil. So yummy.

2. Bake the crust almost all the way without any toppings, as hot as the oven will go. UPDATE: I think this might have made the crust too crunchy? I like a crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside crust, and when I used Booby Flay’s pizza dough recipe (which everyone raves about so I wonder where I’m going wrong), it turned into a kind of flavorless, thick cracker. Still need to perfect the technique I think. It may not have risen enough, so maybe try the heat the oven to 100 or so, turn off, then let the dough rise?

Also, maybe try this recipe:

3. Then, open the oven and quickly add your toppings. Everything will melt and heat through, and you’ll have a crispy crust (instead of a soggy, ingredient soaked crust).

This recipe is delicious. I substituted Parmesan for the mozzarella and it was so good. Also I think tossing the greens in olive oil and lemon really kicks it up a notch.

UPDATE 5/5/15: Hahaha, I had such a colossal pizza failure last night! Let’s see if we can do better next time.

1. Don’t add fresh arugula until the end, otherwise it cooks too much and is kind of gross.

2. Try this dough recipe. And make sure to check the yeast, maybe your dough didn’t rise because the yeast was old? This is an all day rise BTW.

3. From the above recipe: “It takes ~30 minutes for my oven to heat to 550 and then I hold the temperature for 30 minutes to make sure the stone and everything inside is actually 550 degrees.”

4. Also could try this broiler method for those of us with those funky bottom broiler drawers instead of in the oven broilers: “Because mine is a drawer-style broiler at the bottom of the oven, room to maneuver is at a premium. Rather than use the back of a cast-iron skillet, which would position the pizza too close to the flame, I put the pie on a preheated cast-iron grill pan, pulling out the broiler-pan assembly beforehand to make room.”

5. Try assembling the pizza on parchment (maybe with cornmeal? might be unnecessary) so it’s easier to slide onto the preheated surface in the oven.


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