Learn to Stir Fry

UPDATE 4: If doing the fried rice, which is delicious, try using the sauce from the chicken recipe. The soy sauce wasn’t flavorful enough for me.

UPDATE 3: If using thicker veggies like broccoli or cauliflower, take the chicken out before you add the veggies, since they need to cook longer and you’ll overcook the chicken. Also, the chicken recipe only makes 3 modest servings, so if you want more try cooking in batches, with more of each per batch: chicken first, then veggies, then throw altogether with the sauce.

UPDATE 2: Had no sherry or chicken broth. Used white wine and threw in a little extra salt to the sauce and it turned out delicious!

Make sure to start the rice before prepping everything so it will be done by the time you finish!

The chicken recipe’s sauce isn’t explained until a few steps into the recipe (Under “Sauce,” some of the ingredients listed are for the marinade and not the actual stir fry sauce, like cornstarch).

Original Post:

Following this guide elevated my stir fries from mushy, flavorless messes to crispy, tasty delights. I bought the wok, I seasoned it, I followed the chicken (subs tofu) recipe and the fried rice recipes. Both were delicious. The only change I’d make to the fried rice is to use the chicken recipe sauce instead of soy sauce (UPDATE: I tried this, and it was good, but I also added another egg for a little more protein and it came out a little mushy. If I do it again, I’ll cook the egg separately, either scramble or “pancake”).

Make sure to read all of the tips, too (like making sure the veggies are dry and pouring the sauce down the side of the wok, not directly on top of the ingredients).

Intro Article

Stir Fry Tips

Chicken Recipe

Fried Rice

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