Portuguese Baked Eggs

Yum! I guess you rally can’t go wrong with tomato, chorizo, eggs and ricotta baked to gooey perfection. This recipe would be great to make for a brunch (it can easily be scaled up for down, the only constraint is how many baking dishes you have), but  I made for dinner like the recipe suggested. It also came together pretty fast.

I forgot to buy basil and red bell pepper, so I bet this would be even better with those. I couldn’t find chorizo, so I used smoked andouille from Trader Joe’s and it was delicious. I didn’t need any added heat on top of the andouille so I omitted the serrano peppers (I’m a bit of a wimp). I also added a bit of liquid to the sauce before simmering and immersion blended it at the end for a smoother consistency, but that’s just a preference. I served it up with brown rice for a bit of fiber, but of course it would be delicious with crusty bread per the recipe’s suggestion.

The recipe: Portuguese Baked Eggs


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