Pound Cake

This recipe was delicious. Would definitely make again. A few notes:

1. I forgot how many eggs cakes require – this one needs 6.

2. My bundt pan was slightly too small for the recipe – it makes a ton of batter, so make sure to use a really big bowl. And making pound cake cupcakes kind of failed, I think I filled them too full. Ramekins might be cute, too.

3. As always, making cakes is really time consuming. It probably took about 4 hours from start to finish (including making a glaze, cleanup and only partial cooling). Maybe it gets faster with practice. This one was less time consuming than a layer cake because it wasn’t critical that I let it cool all the way.

4. The glaze – I’ll make another post, but I always underestimate how much powdered sugar I’ll need. You really only need a few tablespoons of liquid for quite a lot of powdered sugar.


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