If you’re cooking for one, halve the standard recipe (for buckwheat, but amounts are similar in the traditional recipe). It will still give you around 8-10 crepes.

UPDATE: I tried to buckwheat recipe, and it was so good. Just like the galletes I had in France. Cooking a sunny side up egg on top is still a bit of a mystery. I tried again, and it just cooked all the way through. I think from now on I’ll just do an over easy egg separately, then add it at the end. Also! My milk had gone bad, so I substituted with an equal volume amount of watered down plain, full fat yogurt, and it turned out great! Even added a nice little tang. I do think the crepes might have been a bit more delicate, but not a huge deal. Will always do this in the future, because I almost always have yogurt but not milk.

Make sure the pan is really hot before you add the first crepe’s batter.You can keep the batter for a few days in the fridge for leftovers (quick, easy and much better than warmed over crepes). It’s even better to let it sit overnight before you make them.

Fresh Berries: Add these near the end, then cover the pan with a lid so they get a bit soft. Add some cinnamon and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Yum!

Eggs: This site says to cook the sunny side up egg on low for 5 minutes. I’d cover the pan as well.


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